Act I – Blind Justice

This isn’t all that a long a game. It can seem that way because of all the herb-gathering you have to do. Also, you can become stuck if you don’t talk to everyone, or forget to tell someone something. I had a hard time for awhile in Act II because I forgot to talk to Baker after finding out the thief’s identity. BIG mistake there.

By the way, the herbs regenerate over time, but you never know which ones will be turning up, or where. Watersleep is easiest to find; just stroll along all the streams, the river in the swamp, the ponds (lakes?) and you’ll find some. Tears of Stone are found in the rocky areas across the bridge in the monastery area (upper and lower). The rest can turn up anywhere, even in town. So take your time and look everywhere.

I have included four screenshots, considerably lightened up, to show locations of the items that were most difficult for me to find.

You start on the road just outside Cavorn. Take a little time here to chug around north and gather some herbs. There won’t be many, but a few will turn up. Then continue on the road to the town gate. Speak to the guard.

He’s not the most polite guy, but keep cool and tell him the mayor sent for you. In a short time, the mayor will arrive to escort you inside. This conversation is brief, and he heads off to your new home. Follow him, since the townspeople aren’t too friendly at the moment. Some of them will never be friendly.

Talk to him again and you both enter the house. Finally, he tells you why you’re here, and what you’re supposed to do. Yeah, he’s a real jerk, all right. Makes you wonder how he ever became mayor in the first place.

Of course Roger was innocent, but it will take some doing before you can prove that. Head downstairs to the cozy basement and put the potion kit on the table. While the door isn’t secure yet, the kit will be safe here.

Make a tour of the village and environs to get all those red X’s on your map. Note: you won’t be able to leave town until Act II. Gather herbs as you go. Chat with Cobb the blacksmith to learn about the missing key and Roger’s birthdate (very important). Talk to Simon the fisherman, who tells you about his hearthrob, Emma in the mayor’s house. Stop in at the Broken Jug and talk to everyone there. Have a brief chat with the unpleasant John Limsey at the back of the Limsey house.

Visit Dr. Baker. How odd, he thought you were someone else. No matter, talk to him a second time. Be sure to stop in at the mayor’s house (after seeing Simon) and tell Emma how he feels about her. Swing up north for an unsettling conversation with Old Maud.

Continue into the swamp and around east. Walk around the edge of the easternmost pond (lake?). Nick finds the key but can’t reach it. Keep going and cross the bridge to the monastery side. Check for herbs, then climb the second bridge. There’s no way into the monastery just yet, so keep going to Roger’s house.

Open the chest and grab the tinderbox. Take the spade by the side of the fireplace, and the bucket by the bed. You can step out the back door into the cemetery for a peek. Note the plaques on the first crypt, and get the birthdates for the mayor and his wife. The gate to the monastery is locked and there’s no way through from here.

Pop over to the scaffold and chat with the guard. He needs a drink. We’ll take care of that shortly. First, go back to Simon and tell him about Emma. Ask to borrow his rod, and he’ll do the work of fishing out the key. Then he runs off to find his dog, and that’s the last you’ll see of Simon. Talk to Cobb and get the lock. Go to your house and click the lock on the door (from inside or outside; works both ways). Make a sleep potion downstairs.

Talk to the mayor in the tavern about the thirsty guard. He refers you to Mollins. Such a sweetheart, this guy. He hands you an empty wineskin. Go to Emma and ask for some wine. She’ll let you have a little because you helped her with Simon.

Drug the wine by dragging the potion over the wineskin. Return to the guard and offer the wine. While he’s still standing, he’s really asleep. Use the dagger to cut down Roger’s body and take it automatically to the cellar.

Make a Soulgreep potion. Save the game before using it. There is no saving in the Temple, so do it now. Drink the potion. You arrive in the Temple, surrounded by portraits of people dying in unpleasant ways. Head to the picture of the hanging man and go through the door on the right. It opens as you get near and leads to the altar room.

Click on the Sign altar. Cheery, the basin fills with your blood (however, no damage is done). Click the left mouse button until Rephen shows, then click the right mouse button to choose this sign. Waltz over to the Path altar, click it, then left mouse until “love” shows and choose that. Finally, step over to the demon altar and choose the first name, the soul bearer.

Return to the center chamber and go through the door next to the sun picture, which is now open. In the next room, Nick does his thing and the soul of Roger appears. The conversation is less than thrilling, filled with dire warnings and nasty remarks from the dear departed, but you do learn about the brooch. Promise to cremate his remains.

You return to the house when the conversation ends. Click on Roger’s body and go automatically to the pyre. Light it with the tinderbox. Whoosh! Now go to the mayor’s house (he finally left the tavern). However, he’s not being helpful about the brooch.

Go see Cobb and tell him the mayor’s holding out. Gather some herbs if you need to, and make a Sneeya’s Breath potion, as it may come in handy soon.

Return to the mayor, whose memory has been miraculously restored by Cobb. Heh. He dumped the brooch in the cemetery. Go to Roger’s house and out the back door. A few steps away are a couple of bushes (or plants of some sort). Between them is the brooch. Grab that and hie to the tavern.

Ask Limsey about the brooch. Well, well. It belongs to his snotty stepson. Buzz over to the Limsey place. Save the game before talking to John. He tells you much of what happened (though he isn’t the killer), and a fight begins.

With John on the ropes, a bunch of villagers and the mayor appear. Nick tells them what happened, and John is hauled off to a well-deserved demise (you can see him next act on the scaffold). The mayor has some nasty words for Nick, then off you go to the swamp for a chat with Helen. Do some herb gathering if you need to, then head home for a well-earned rest, of sorts, to end this act. You can also dump the brooch now.

Act II Voices and Darkness

After a restless night, walk out the door. Oh, lovely. The house is covered with blood and a broken fishing rod lies nearby. Does this mean Simon’s bought the farm? After all, there’s no body, no footprints, and no signs of disturbance otherwise. I’ll just say Simon won’t be showing up anymore.

No matter, visit the mayor (back in the tavern again), who doesn’t seem too interested in the missing fisherman. Cobb is much more friendly now that you cleared Roger’s name, and offers training. This is optional, but you may want to do a little for the practice. You can do training anytime in this act if you want it. Take it in stages, as you’ll probably need some healing afterwards.

Now visit Baker. Unfortunately, the promised info isn’t forthcoming. Are we surprised? Someone slipped in and nabbed the papers while the good doctor was likely taking a relief moment in the bushes.

After getting as much from Baker as you can, exit the house and head south to the cornfield. Notice the trampled spot. Run the cursor over that until Nick makes a remark. Return to Baker with the news.

Wander around the fence edges to the south and southwest until you find Mary Harrel. Talk with her to learn Harrel is missing. Coincidence? Not likely. Talk with Cobb to learn Harrel bought a rope. Chat with Limsey in the tavern. Yep, sure looks like Harrel’s the thief. Give Baker the good news. You must tell him Harrel is the thief for this quest to progress. Now, how do we find the missing nut?

Maybe Maud can help. See her and she’ll tell you she needs a very rare herb to pull this off, and you have to find it. She gives you a different herb and the Azraim’s Eye recipe, along with a riddle.

Nip back home and make Azraim’s Eye. Also make a Sneeya’s Touch. Use the map to go to the swamp. A short distance south of your arrival point is one of those strange framework things with a face. This is the “wooden Watchman” of the riddle. There is another near Maud’s place, but that one is the wrong one.

Walk directly in front of the watchman. Nick should hear a sound. Turn around and walk due north to the edge of the river. A bird will show up very soon and head east. Follow the bird or its shadow, around the pond (or lake). You’re heading towards the bridge.

Serpent's tongue flowerGet on the bridge path. Just at the point where it makes a curve and “bulges out”, step off the path to the right. Now drink the Azraim potion and move forward slowly in that direction. The plant will appear. Grab it and use the map to return to Maud.

Doing it this way, you can get back to her with no loss of hitpoints. However, the cure will bring you way down anyway. This is why you need the more potent healing potion. Okay, now Maud needs some time to do her stuff. See Emma at the mayor’s house and tell her about Simon. Not believing you, she runs off to find him.

Spend some time gathering herbs, train if you like, then return to Maud. She tells you Harrel is in the mines. How he managed to slip out of town is a mystery (never resolved, by the way). Regardless, you have to go after him.

Check with the mayor. Nothing doing, he won’t let you leave. How nice of him. Head to Cobb’s place and walk north from there along the road. What a coincidence, you come across a monk who invites you to the monastery. This is your ticket out of town, so agree with the monk and get the monastery key.

Go right there and use the key on the gate. Enter and talk to Michael the Abbot (all visits to the monastery will be outside; there is no way inside the building itself). He tells you about Brother Thomas, a potential suicide. Walk along the cliff until you find the monk. Unfortunately, there’s no way to talk him out of it, and he takes a dive off the cliff.

Return to Michael with the sad news. Talk to him again about everything you can, then mention you feel bad about not preventing Thomas’s death. Michael asks you to retrieve the body. Now go to the mayor, who will allow you to leave town.

Head for the gate and talk to the guard up in the left-hand tower. Talk again and you’re outside. Walk up the left-hand side of the map. When you get near the top, save. A bandit will appear shortly. He’ll mention the monk’s body was tossed into a pool, and combat begins.

After the bandit is dead, search his body for the monk’s soutane. Don’t bother looking for Thomas’s body; it’s nowhere around. Instead, head back south, picking herbs as you go, until you reach the mines.

Your map won’t work in the mines. However, the area is straightforward, almost literally, and you really can’t get lost. On this level, light each torch as you come to it with the tinderbox. At the end, you’ll find a room with a rope going down. Take that to the second level.

The torches here are all lit. Hmmm. Anyway, proceed along, carefully. Eventually you’ll come to a room with Greer and Harrel’s body. Yep, another fight. This time, not to the finish. When Greer is injured enough, he runs off. Click on Harrel’s body. Nick won’t take it as-is. Click the soutane on the body, and you’ll automatically return to the cellar.

Make a Soulgreep potion. But you need Harrel’s birth sign, so find his widow (about where she was before) and ask. Then return to the basement and take a trip to the temple.

This time, the portrait is the one with the man holding a bladed weapon. Go through that door and do the usual with the altars. Sign: Lertyan. Path: Wealth. Demon: Soul Bearer.

So you have a chat with Harrel, though you don’t learn very much. After returning, see Baker and tell him about everything. He promises to have information for you tomorrow (have we heard this before?). Then visit the monastery and tell them about Thomas. I was truthful and told them he was dumped in the pool. They were unhappy but not mad.

Buzz back home. Make a couple of Sneeya’s Breath and one Sneeya’s Touch in preparation for tomorrow. Then sack out.

Act III – Shadow Of The Past

After another bad night, Nick wakes to a knock on the door. Who could it be? Someone new, by the name of Fabius. Step outside and talk to him. Not all that friendly a person, as it seems he wants Nick to leave town. Well, we’re certainly not going to do that. After telling him to buzz off, go to Baker’s house.

What a surprise, the doctor is missing. The mayor is there, though, and he’s beginning to sound a lot like Harrel. This is definitely not good. But the main thing is to find Baker. Where could he be?

Well, when last heard of, the documents were in the mines. So head right on over there and down to the second level. Walk carefully, because you’ll come up against Greer again. This time, it’s to the death and that will be the end of him.

Baker, however, is holding on, but not too well. Offer him healing. Only Sneeya’s Touch works here, and having it now saves you a trip back to make one. Unfortunately, Baker is also poisoned, and won’t last much longer. You both return to Nick’s house automatically.

Before Baker croaks, ask for his birth sign. Then pick up the corpse for another trip to the cellar and Temple. Make a Soulgreep and head off. The portrait you want is the one of the woman holding the cup. At the altars: Sign: Talanos. Path: Knowledge. Demon: Soul Bearer.

Finally, you learn the whole story (or most of it) about what’s going on. Sure took long enough. In any case, what you need now is to find the stone. After returning, head to the swamp. Poor Emma. She’s lost her mind. We’ll help her shortly. Go to the northwestern edge and note the guard standing there. His name is Robert Otlay.

Drop in on Maud and ask for help with Emma. She gives you a recipe. Make that up, return to the swamp, and give it to Emma. Send her home. Wow, almost makes you feel like a Boy Scout, eh?

Now bop over to the cemetery. Look who’s here, our old “pal”, Fabius. Chat with him, and DO tell him where the guard is, because you want this guy out of here. Go somewhere (inside the house is good enough) so a new screen loads. Return to the graveyard and Fabius will be gone.

Now for the riddle you got from Baker. Look for the cross that has “Jonathon Winter” on it. Behind that is a tree, and behind the tree is soft ground. Dig there with the spade and you’ll find the stone. That was almost too easy. You can dump the spade, as there is no further use for it.

Mosey up to the monastery for a talk with Michael. Hmm, two monks have gone missing, but it’s certain they didn’t cross the bridge. Where could they have gone? Only one place, so back to the graveyard, and check in front of the crypt just up from the mayor’s. Aha, a piece of monk’s cloth. However, the door to the crypt is locked.

Give this info to Michael. He agrees to open the crypt, but not right away. Chug over to Maud’s house and save outside the door. Inside, you find Maud dead and a zombie waiting to kill you. After the fight, haul Maud’s body to the cellar.

Before you can do anything else, Helen shows up. How careless of Nick not to lock his door. Anyway, a very strange conversation ensues, followed by what, at least by implication, is a night in the hay.

This is followed by an auto-exit and a chat with the mayor. He invites you to his house while Helen leaves. Visit the mayor. This is where Nick turns amazingly stupid by drinking the wine. Jerk!

Act IV – Onset Of Darkness

Fortunately, Nick has some immunity to the stuff, and doesn’t die. However, some healing is necessary. Zip over to your house. Uh oh, all the bodies are gone. Hey, at least they won’t be stinking up the place any more. And the potion kit is still there.

Make up some healing potions. You’ll probably want at least three. If you don’t have enough herbs, go get some first.

See Cobb first to find out what’s happening in town. Wonderful, it’s Night Of The Living Dead as zombies have come out from the swamp. Fortunately, there will be only two fights to get through. The first is at the tavern. As usual, save before going in. You might want to let Mollins stew in his own juice for being such a creep, but better to save him.

Now walk down south and across the bridge towards Limsey’s house. You’ll find him, wounded, near the river edge. Give him a potion and tell him to wait. Continue on to his house and save, as a zombie is waiting by the front door. After it’s been taken care of, return to Limsey and tell him it’s safe to go home.

Now follow the river up its northwest arm and around to find the body of Helen. Take it back to the cellar. Make a Soulgreep potion. You know her birh sign from the plaque on the crypt, so you’re okay there.

In the temple, choose the door next to the picture with the tree. In the altar room: Sign: Rephen. Path: Love. Demon: Life Bringer. Note the change here, Nick wants Helen alive again.

Everything seems to work, but on returning, you find that Helen is as dead as before. Why is that? No one knows. In any case, you have to get after that demon, so visit the monastery. If you’re low on healing stuff, make some more before proceeding. There will be two fights in the crypt, although you’ll only need to heal after one of them.

Talk to Michael and he gets you into the crypt. As with the mines, your map won’t work here. As you walk down the corridor, you come across good ol’ Fabius again, behind a barred door. After the conversation, continue down the hall and across the bridge to a large room.

The east exit leads to a locked door, so go north. This is a corridor with a lot of doors. Don’t bother about them. Keep going, slowly, watching for an open door on the left. Inside is another zombie. Save and then take him out. Search his body for a mysterious object. Note the water basin in the corner for later.

Extinguished torchLeave by the door you came in through. Head west down the hall and get the extinguished torch on the left. Follow the hall around to the end, then cross the stone bridge. In the next corridor, the first room on the left has a bunch of levers, but one is missing. Use the torch in the empty slot. Now pull all the levers. This opens all the other doors and shuts the door to the bridge.

Bucket on floorGo to the room across from the lever room. Turn and face the doorway. Move your cursor slowly all along the right side of the door and down a little ways until you find the empty bucket. This is vital, as you will soon need two buckets.

Also in this room is a chest with a dagger. You should still have your own from the beginning of the game. If not, then open the chest and take that one. Otherwise, leave the chest alone.

In the next room up from the bucket room, you’ll find a “swollen mattress”. Use the dagger on it to get a second mystery object. Then continue up the hall to the end and the last room on the right.

Inside is a zombie, but this one is different. It still has a mind of its own. Talk to him and learn about the library and the secret entrance. The “next room”, however, is back across the bridge. Kill the zombie as he requests (no fighting needed). Return to the lever room and pull all the levers again.

Recross the bridge. Go north to the end of the hall, then east and enter the first door on your left. In the middle of the back wall, about, you’ll find the secret button. Click that to enter the library.

Key locationFace south. On the bottom shelf of the left-hand case is a scroll. Take that and read it. Otherwise I don’t think the key shows up. Still facing south, go to the shelves right of the blocked door. Run your cursor very slowly across the third shelf from the top. There is a key here that is impossible to see (at least it was for me), and you very much need it. Once you have that, you can leave.

Go to the dead zombie room and fill both buckets with water (just click a bucket on the basin). Backtrack to that first room and this time go east. Unlock the heavy door with the key from the library. You autocross to the endgame.

Act V – Face To Face

The mayor is waiting across the bridge. However, you won’t have the pleasure of removing him. His mind is pretty much gone, and he goes the same way as Thomas, taking a flying leap into hell.

Too bad. Continue onward to the room with the small checkerboard. In the first rooms to the left and right, you’ll find a slot on the wall. Use the mystery objects in those slots. Head over to the checkerboard, which has squares with numbers on them.

You’ve probably already figured out the riddle for this. “Earthly forces” represents the number 4 (as in earth, air, water, fire). The deadly sins are, of course, 7. And everyone knows the number of the beast, 666. So the three numbers are 4, 7, and 6.

Stand on the 4, drop a bucket of water. Stand on the 7, drop a bucket of water. Step on the 6, and the two braziers light up. You’re almost done.

Exit the room and head back towards the bridge. Just before it, make a left and go along the hall. STOP before the bridge there. This is the last chance you have to save the game. Beyond this point, there is no saving.

Okay, cross the bridge and finally you meet the demon, still in its cage. Talk about anticlimax, eh? Fabius is also here. This is the first of three endings. It will happen if you agree to let Fabius have his way. This is a bad thing, so fight him instead.

Unfortunately, since there’s no one else here, the demon decides to enter your body. At that moment, Helen shows up. Helen? Yep, and she’s definitely alive. How that happened, and how she got here, won’t be explained. Deus ex machina strikes again!

Helen offers herself to the demon, who takes advantage of the opportunity. Now you have a chance to talk to her and get an explanation of sorts. This is where you choose between the other two endings.

You can kill Helen by using the dagger on her. That would not be smart, since that would put you back where you were after killing Fabius. Do you really want a demon inside you, controlling your every move? Or end up killing yourself with the dagger to save the world?

The alternative is to go with Helen, by talking to her again. This ends the game and rolls the epilogue.miniscorp

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