Well, Darindel has achieved level 26, just over half-way to the max. He’s also been as far down as level 17 in the dungeon. For all that, I’m still taking my time with going deeper.

One reason is that I haven’t been finding much useful stuff. Now, I do have a couple of “pattern” long swords. They are pretty similar, both doing extra damage against demons, undead, and evil critters generally. And they give a boost to stats, but not as much as the morning star, and neither is vampiric.

I’m holding on to those for now, though, because once in awhile I come across potions that seem to increase stats permanently. I’m keeping those stashed, too, so I can drink them if/when I find a weapon to replace the morning star.

Also lacking has been anything good in the armor department. The last piece I found was a nifty shield that reflects missiles and bolt spells. That one has certainly come in handy, but I turned it up several levels back.

At least with the cheats on, I don’t have to waste time looking around a level for items, and I can pick my fights. I can see when special objects are created, and what out-of-depth (OOD) monsters have been generated. Sometimes, there aren’t any of either.

Then again, there can be too many OOD critters, too. I thought that Cherub in the vault was bad. Ha. I just hit a vault that had “the color out of space”. From level 43. That was one vault I wasn’t going near. No, thank you. And there were plenty of other OOD things in it I wouldn’t want to go near, either.

I did go through a long, tedious fight with a monster pit full of various orcs. The room was 19×5. Yeah, 95 monsters, plus a bunch around the perimeter, so 100+ total. I’m not doing that again anytime soon. It just takes too long, although the overall experience was okay.

Much better – and easier – to nip around a level and take out a few monsters with good experience points. I’ve become very selective about which ones I fight.

I just wish I were finding better items. Because the critters are becoming tougher, and I don’t think Darry will be able to keep pace much longer without some new gear.