Playing ZAngbandTK, you come across a lot of familiar entities. Anyone who has read Zelazny’s Amber series, or Lord Of The Rings, or the Cthulhu mythos, will recognize any number of enemies. But there’s one monster that goes back – way, way, back – to the dawn.

Creeping coins. Maybe you remember them from Wizardry. I sure do. Of all the strange and wildly weird (or weirdly wild) critters in all the games I’ve played, these I’ve never forgotten.

You sit there and look at the screen. Creeping coins? Creeping coins? Could anything be more preposterous than a handful of change scuttling your way? Yet there was something eerie and unsettling about them. And not just because: “A creeping coin calls for help!”

Perhaps it was because coins are such prosaic things – and here they are, suddenly turned into deadly monsters. Speaking of monsters, even the Christmas Tree Monster (blinking its lights, swishing its tinsel) from Beyond Zork didn’t evoke the same feelings.

So what have you come across that was odd and bizarre and different? Not the mundane stuff like demons and elementals and ravening beasts (and how jaded I am to call these “mundane”!). Something more like those creeping coins.

Y’know, when I think about it, I feel they missed a bet with those coins. They could have had a pile of nickels, dimes, and pennies inching your way, screaming, “No quarter! No quarter!” But of course, that would have reduced them to only a bad joke ;)