At this year’s D.I.C.E. conference, John Riccitiello, head of EA, had a few things to say about the recession.

For instance, he had three “rules” for survival: decide what’s important, invest in those programs, and cut the rest. Funny, one would expect that to be done as a matter of course, recession or not.

Then he remarked that when things turn bad, accountants advise cutting headcount, closing facilities, and reducing creative risk. If that doesn’t help, do more of the same.

“That’s a recipe you would follow at your peril,” Riccitiello said. Oddly, that’s just what EA has been doing. They announced one set of cuts, then expanded them. Comes to that, a number of companies seem to be following that course lately.

But he had a note of cheer, too. He said, “I actually think that the economic crisis the game industry moved into in 2008 is a blessing.” Why? Because “a lot of “the riffraff” will go bankrupt.”

I’m sure the many companies, large and small, that went down the tubes are pleased to hear that one. Also, all the people in the industry that are now scrambling for any jobs they can get. But remember, the “quality” publishers will stay alive!

Riccitiello at D.I.C.E. on Gamespot