Last Halloween, in Zombie Attack, I noted how popular zombies had become, showing up as “holiday specials” in several MMOGs. That’s besides the usual run of regular zombie-based games like Resident Evil. Now it’s worse. Much worse.

They’ve infiltrated literature. Pride And Prejudice. With Zombies.

Really. I’m not kidding about this. The book (an “expanded” version of the original) is due out in mid-April. Mid-April, not April 1st. Otherwise, I’d have thought it was a joke.

Yes, a zombie invasion takes place, and apparently it’s going to be rather a gruesome one. There’s nothing like ambulatory rotting flesh to really make a romance sparkle.

One shudders at the thought of what this could lead to in the future. David Zombiefield? Alice In Zombieland? The Wonderful Zombie Of Oz? Tarzan Of The Zombies?

If this is how people are supposed to be coaxed into reading classics, perhaps they’re better left unread. Yeah, better unread than unead. Zombies, go home to your graves!

Pride And Prejudice and Zombies at Chronicle Books