Well, that was quick. Much faster than the demo portion in the previous game. Then again, there were far fewer areas to visit. Verbose mentioned in his comments to my earlier post that Jeff seems to be cutting back on his demos, and it certainly seems that way here.

Naturally, there are some little jobs you can do along the way; I probably missed a couple, since I didn’t talk to everyone. Didn’t really feel like doing that, either.

As I mentioned in the previous post, you start off as an amnesiac who was stripped of powers and was sent to slave away at a place run by Shapers called The Foundry. I am really tired of this amnesia business, the “you used to be powerful, now learn it all again” stuff.

Maybe that’s supposed to function as the hook, to make you feel personally involved in the story. For me, it’s a big turnoff. I can feel “personally involved” without any ham-handed designer manipulation, thank you very much.

Also displeasing is that the main job here is to get rid of the Presence. It’s some sort of spirit/mental being that takes control of creations, naturally making them much more powerful than usual. Three times you have to go after it before it’s destroyed. Yawn.

There’s a lot of predictibility, too. Fighting special boss monsters is never straightforward. There’s always some little trick you have to figure out to win. Destroy the power source, fight X waves of critters, it’s all been done before in previous games.

Escort duty is another one. You can clear an area, kill every monster, and be absolutely certain that once you begin your trip to the exit, a fresh batch of enemies will appear from nowhere.

I am really disappointed. Geneforge 5 is the finale of the series, and I was looking forward to it. But the truncated demo (just ten areas, how cheap), the rehashing of old stuff, the irritating premise, the big mistake with the mini-map, have combined to turn me off the game completely. I am just not interested enough to go on with it.

For that matter, I’m not even interested enough to try out another character. Knowing what has to be done, even in this small section, is enough to make me feel tired simply thinking about it.

So yeah, this one is off my list, and it’s time to return to slogging through ZangbandTK. Which is a shame, because I was all set to enjoy GF5. It’s been a year since I played a real RPG, and my anticipation here was high. Now, alas, it’s zero. Sigh.