First off, looks like I made a mistake last time (oops). Reviewing the manual, I realized there is no school, spell, or skill for enchanting items. Since anyone can join the guild and get the recommendations, it looks like any class can use the enchanting stuff in the main HQ.

Of course, enchanting items still requires those filled soul gems, so non-mage types will have to depend on what they can buy. Regardless, enchanting does seem open to all.

As I mentioned last post, I’m taking time out from the main line to get those recommendations from the mage guilds, and also working on building up skills. So far, I’ve got three recos, and am working on the fourth.

Building skills is much the same as in Morrowind, and open to the same abusive practices. As your skills increase, they add to points you can distribute at level-gain time. An attribute can go up from 1-5 points. So if you really build up strength-related skills, you will have a +5 to strength at next level.

You can only choose three attributes to increase, and it’s easy to manipulate using skills and training to get exactly what you want. Bethesda did restrain this somewhat in the matter of skill training. Last time, you could get as much training for skills as you wanted and could afford. Now, you’re limited to a total of five training points across all skills, which I think is a bit too limited.

Magic skills are easy to advance. You just buy a cheap non-combat spell such as Detect Life or Light and walk around casting it. Combat skills, however, can only be increased by actual fighting, whether monsters or in the Arena.

Athletics is probably the fastest skill to bring up. Walking is slow in this game, so you want to run everywhere. Unlike Morrowind, however, you don’t lose fatigue when running. This has made things MUCH better, and was a pleasant surprise. Haven’t come across any Speedy Boots yet, though. I love Speedy Boots. Hope there’s a pair in the game.

I also stopped in and joined the Fighters Guild. Happily, this is just straight questing stuff, no recommendations needed. The first quest was – haha – rats in the cellar. But it was different this time. I was there to save the rats. Yep, the lady liked the critters and I had to keep ’em alive. A little twist on the usual rodent job.

Storms came in last night, so I had to stop playing early. More later.