In a typical RPG, the tougher the opponent, the more experience it’s worth. This does not seem to hold true in ZTK. At least not by my reckoning.

I’ve been meaning to mention this for awhile now. There are instances where monsters I consider powerful, if not downright terrifying, are worth less than those which aren’t that dangerous.

Earlier today I took down Azog, king of the Uruk-Hai. He had 630 hitpoints, but no special abilities or powers. He did have 3 attacks for 5d5 damage each, so he wasn’t exactly a creampuff. He was worth 912.61 experience points.

And then there was It (a bookish sort of critter ;). It is truly invisible; even Darry, who can see invis, can’t see this thing. That alone is alarming, but worse is to come.

It can call for help. It reflects bolts spells. It casts spells intelligently that can drain mana, terrify, blind, confuse, heal self, blink self, teleport (character) to, teleport (character) away, create darkness, create traps, cause amnesia, and summon a monster, hydras, or undead.

It can gaze to blind with 8d8 damage, touch to terrify, gaze to lower experience by 40d6+, and touch to steal items. It has 638 hitpoints.

It is worth only 342.86 experience, just a bit more than a third of Azog.

That is what I don’t understand. Azog is just a big tank. It is far more deadly. You can’t even see It. In fact, even when I cheat map the whole level, It doesn’t show up as a red dot, like all the other monsters do.

So why is It worth so much less? Is It a “trick monster”, with the idea you’d be crazy to fight this thing, and so the experience is low? Yet, checking out Uniques from lower down, I see there are even nastier ones, who are worth big points.

This is just one example. There are similar disparities with some of the non-Uniques, too. I have puzzled over this for some time, and can’t come up with a good reason for this strange business.

And no, I didn’t even think of trying to fight It. Any time It shows up (twice now), Darry just takes the stairs out of there. Some things are better left alone.