For years, gamers, game mags, and journalists have been saying it’s stupid for companies to all put their releases out at the same time, usually Christmas. Is it finally starting to penetrate?

Well, maybe, maybe not. Over at, they have a short piece featuring words of wisdom (ahem) from Glen Schofield, general manager of the EA’s Redwood Shores studio in San Francisco. Yep, good ol’ Electronic Arts.

So naturally we must take what’s said with a grain of salt. Even though it sounds reasonable. Schofield remarked that “we’re now learning that we could probably launch a game at any time, and if it’s a good game it will be well received.”

Yeah, gamers who want a particular game will indeed buy it when it comes out, whatever the time of year. Special occasions aren’t necessary. Only in the game industry, this hasn’t been noticed.

After all, he also said “I think that we traditionally thought that people only buy games at Christmas or around holiday time.” I guess no one noticed that some games do come out at other times, and they do sell. Probably because there’s so little competition.

So could this be the start of a new trend? That a game is released when it’s ready, instead of being rushed out in a heavily-bugged – possibly unfinished – state, just to be there “for Christmas”?

I dunno. This has been going on for so long, it’s become an ingrained habit, and habits are hard to break. But it would certainly be a relief to gamers everywhere if they didn’t have to choose among a flood of releases all at once. Hey, the games might even sell better!

But like I said, this is coming from EA, so let’s not accept this at face value. EA has been known to say one thing and then do the opposite. Still, we can always hope.

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