MMOGs come and go, and tomorrow (2/28/09), Tabula Rasa is going. The usual routine is to broadcast a farewell message in-game and then shut down the servers. TR, however, is going out with a bang.

A really big one. Humanity’s last stand, the final battle, Ragnarok. The aliens are scheduled to invade in force, and there will be no survivors. Of course, from a real-world perspective, that’s hardly surprising. No one, after all, survives a game going offline forever.

Yet, it’s certainly startling. Not only for the dramatic conclusion, but that the developers have taken the time to create such a finale. They have been amazingly dedicated to a dying MMOG, providing content updates when there was no need to do so.

If you have an account with Tabula Rasa, you may want to be in there tomorrow for the grand conflagration. It’s not every day you get the chance to be in at the end of the world like this!

Tabula Rasa Goes Out With A Bang on Gamasutra

(This was Friday’s post, delayed because of technical problems. Apologies to all for the site being unavailable.)