So I finished up the Mage Guild stuff, and received entry to the “big HQ” in Imperial City. That, as you may have guessed, is just the beginning with the MG. Next I had to have my own personal magic staff made for me. They do the work, I provide the wood.

Naturally, that was easier said than done. But I done it ;) From here I could go on other errands for the MG, but I’m taking a break for awhile. Doing all those recommendation jobs one after the other left me a little dizzy. Most weren’t too tough, though a couple were tricky.

In the meantime, I am now the proud owner of my very own mansion. In fact, it came remarkably cheap, a mere 5,000 gold. Two stories and a basement. Furnished, even. What could be better?

Maybe a little peace and quiet. The place was haunted.

Of course, the guy I bought it from forgot to mention that little fact. He had a nasty undead relative down in the cellar, and it was quite a job to take that thing out. However, he (it?) is gone now, and I have a place to store my goodies.

A house is a necessity in this game. You know how it is: we’re all compulsive packrats, lugging around stuff we don’t want to dump or sell. Finding a place to stash it becomes a problem. In Oblivion, you can’t put things in other people’s receptacles, and leaving them on the ground for long could be dangerous; they might not be there later.

So having your own home solves that problem. You can drop your precious items on the floor or neatly store them in cupboards, and they’ll be there when you want them. And, of course, you have a free place to sleep. You can also sack out in any guild you belong to, but having your own bedroom is much better.

There are several houses for sale in the game, but this was a good price for a decent residence, aside from unwanted squatters (there were ghosts, too).

Anyway, I’ve reached level 6 now, and am considering whether to do a few side quests, or head back to the main line.

The game has been holding up graphically. Now and then there’s a small “jerk”, but otherwise it’s been running very smoothly. Hasn’t crashed yet either, which really amazes me. On the other hand, I have been dropping out of the game now and then rather than go through a very long session. So that may be a factor.

There are a lot of voice-overs; everyone you talk to has a speaking voice, and they’re quite clear. Subtitles are available, so you won’t miss anything if you have a hearing problem. Sound effects are good. Music is occasional and unobtrusive. So they’ve done a good job here with the audio.

Tune in again tomorrow for another thrilling installment!