Darindel has clawed his way up to level 30 (no easy task) and down to dungeon level 30. The game is becoming a real slog now.

Plenty of chippy monsters still show up down below, that aren’t worth the effort to kill. The tougher ones tend to have a lot of hit points, and given how much experience Darry needs these days, he has to take out a fair number of those. And that’s time-consuming.

Also, now that I’m almost a third of the way down, I’ve been disappointed by the treasure that’s showing up. So far, it’s all pretty much what I’ve seen before, with a few trivial variations.

In particular, I haven’t come across an artifact missile weapon since I found the “Quick Kill” sling ages ago. It seems ZTK doesn’t favor missile weapons much, either fixed or random. Not really helpful to the Ranger characters.

So a lot of “damage from a distance” is actually being done with magic. Darry is staggering around under a load of rods and wands to supplement his own spellcasting ability. Regardless, as mentioned above, the fights are increasingly harder.

I wish I knew just how much damage those items do. Even *identified*, no rating is given. I can see how much Darry’s own spells dish out, but the rods and wands are a mystery.

As it is, I’m not sure how much longer I’ll be playing the game. Unless some better stuff starts showing up soon, there isn’t much point in going on. And I’ve put in a lot of time on this one already. Sigh.