Most games end after the final battle and Foozle has been taken down. A few allow you to play on. My feeling is: why bother?

I know there are some players who like to continue after “the end”. Okay, I can see it if you’re poking around for stuff you missed, so you can do it all the next time through.

Otherwise, though, what’s the point? To clear off a few forgotten “jobs” that don’t mean anything now? To travel around and bop some more monsters? To see if anyone in the world even recognizes your accomplishment?

The few times I decided to mess around “post Foozle”, I was bored after a short while. There just wasn’t any reason to keep playing. Hey, the world was saved, no one seemed to notice, and the monsters were no challenge.

You know, like running around in a Might & Magic with those zap guns. It was fun for about five minutes. After that, I just didn’t care anymore. Why was I doing this? The experience wasn’t important, the enemies were creampuffs, and really, the game was over.

So it’s fine with me when everything ends after “the big one”. What about you? Are you glad it’s over, or do you want to keep on playing, even though it doesn’t matter any longer?