Yes. Though I wrote back in Geneforge 5: Demo Ends that I wasn’t going on with it, I am in fact continuing the game. And no, I didn’t pay for it.

So what’s up? Yesterday, I got an email from Jeff, offering to send me the game on CD, along with a press kit. Since I already had GF5 downloaded, I declined the CD and just asked for the registration code. So I get to play it after all.

And wow, how long has it been since I had a review copy of a game? Maybe we shouldn’t ask that question; the answer would be much too embarrassing! Still, just as well the demo was dull; I finally got a freebie!

Anyway, good thing I hadn’t taken the game off my drive. I was able to start up right where I left off at the demo end, with my sorceress. My little team moved on, and naturally soon came to a big fight.

I could have avoided it, but there was a band of refugees who needed open passage to the next town. Couldn’t leave them out there in the wilderness. So we took down the nasty bandit and his creations, no easy task.

The refugees went on to Mera, and so did I. As usual, the place was a hotbed of “things to do”. The boss lady, Astoria (I will not make a joke here) wants me to find out who’s trying to kill her.

Then an agent of Rawal (you remember, the guy who put the controller thing in my chest) wants me to find something for him. There’s a bounty for killing off rogue roamers. The blacksmith would like to know the location of an enchanted forge. And a Shaper trainer wants me to investigate a monster-filled swamp.

There are some “secret agents” around, too. I have no doubts that one person is a Trakovite, just from the conversation options (having played GF4 helped). There’s another who is likely working for another faction, and maybe a possible third. That’s besides Rawal’s spy.

So Morgana has plenty to keep her busy, and I’ll be concentrating more on the jobs than getting involved with the various factions for now. If this follows the usual GF line, the longer I don’t commit myself, the more stuff I’ll probably be able to do. And now, back to work.