While many in the game industry continue to decry the sale of used games, several big companies are looking at it to increase their revenues. Best Buy and Games R Us are testing it out. And now, Amazon has gotten into the act.

Yep, Amazon is running a game trade-in program, although it’s actually through a third-party, NorAm International. NorAm is the one who receives the games and makes payment through Amazon with “gift cards” deposited to your account.

Not just anything is being accepted, of course. For instance, the trade-in applies only to console titles; no PC games are taken. Also, titles sent in have to be exact matches as listed on Amazon’s trade-in pages.

On the other hand, sending in used games is free. You print off a pre-paid postage label for your package. And if your games aren’t accepted, return postage is free, too.

Obviously, these companies have been looking at Gamestop’s revenue from used games and drooling over the numbers. With at least four big contenders now, it will be interesting to see what happens in the long run.

On one side, the game industry. On the other, giant retailers. Will the industry win out with increasing reliance on DLC? Or will used games continue to be a big money earner?

Amazon’s Game Trade-In Page