All RPGs favor combat as the main activity. Much as I like it, though, sometimes I feel we could do with less of it. Fighting becomes tiresome after awhile, and not just in Roguelikes.

So I wonder: what if the number of combats were cut in half, and more experience was given out for other things? Completing those “little jobs”, for instance. Certain milestones along the main line. Exploring new areas.

Why should the bulk of experience always come from fighting? Aren’t most of those encounters pretty much the same? Plenty of cannon fodder, some tougher critters, and boss fights now and then.

You could have cannon fodder in the early going, and as the character/party levels up through various means, reduce the number of combats while increasing the difficulty of the enemies.

I think this would make the game more interesting. We’d also have more to do besides hacking through endless hordes of monsters whose only purpose is to die for a good cause – character advancement.

Naturally, this would have to be carefully balanced. Too little fighting would make the game dull. And the character advancement would have to keep pace with the monster difficulty.

However, I believe it’s doable. And it would certainly be a welcome change from the eternal “Yet Another Bunch Of Orcs To Slay” syndrome. What do you think?