Yep, it’s another list, and this one comes from Edge. They asked: “…if you had every game ever made at your fingertips, which would we play right now? What are the games, shorn of nostalgia and presumption, that we would actually want to spend time playing?”

The answer comes in a list of 100 games. Many of the titles were familiar to me; some (especially purely console) were not. You’ll probably know a lot of them, too.

Interesingly, about a third – 33 – were on the PC (or PC and other platforms). The count may be higher, as some titles were just listed with “multiple patforms”.

Adventure game were not entirely neglected, as Secret Of Monkey Island and Same & Max Hit The Road were there. Unfortunately, those were the only ones.

No surprise, World Of Warcraft showed up, as did Eve Online. Those were the only MMOGs.

Strangely, Doom 2 is there, but not the original game, which I consider superior to the sequel. Also strange, neither Diablo nor Diablo 2 made the cut.

In the RPG department, among others were Planescape: Torment and Oblivion. The original Fallout, however, isn’t there. I consider that a serious omission.

Of course, all lists breed controversy, which is the real reason anyone makes them. So take a look at what Edge has, and then tell us what you think is missing.

The Best 100 Games To Play Today at Edge