So I’ve met all the faction leaders now, and I’m not too thrilled with any of them. The best choice seemed to be the moderate Shaper, Astoria. I signed up with her faction.

Personally, I’ve always been of the Trakovite persuasion: Shaping should be ended for good. But the head of that faction struck me as being, well, perhaps a little too fanatical.

Maybe not so much as Ghaldring, the Drakon leader of the rebellion. He’s just as bad as the two Shaper hardliners. Still, I got bad vibes from Litalia, and crossed the Trakovites off my list. Which pretty much left Astoria.

So I’m doing jobs for her, and in the meantime, of course, little errands for others, as usual. Morgana’s progress remains slow, though I think the end game isn’t too far off now.

I’ve reached the extreme south end of the map, for one thing. Only just started exploring it, and no doubt there will be “stuff to do” here. My guess is, I’ll be finished sometime this weekend.

Y’know, I haven’t been able to do much with magic. Offensive spells don’t seem to be as powerful as before. Buffs are still pretty good, except for speed. Haste has been nerfed. Used to be, you’d get a couple extra Action Points, which meant two attacks per round much of the time.

Now, the extra AP only kicks in once in awhile. That’s made the fights harder, since they tend to last longer. Not surprising, as many opponents are up in the three-digit, and sometimes four-digit, hit point range.

That means relying a lot on creations. I have five at the moment, which, by the way, also ties up a lot of essence that could otherwise be used for spells. Then again, as the spells aren’t so great, it doesn’t matter much. Seems to me, GF5 is weighted rather heavily towards characters with shaping skills. Bummer.