Over at thegamereviews.com, Stew Shearer has a list of “Top 5 Heroes You Wouldn’t Want To Be”. Having read the list (though not played any of the games), I have to agree.

Of course, these are all characters that come pre-created, with histories of their own. Exactly the sort of thing I’ve never cared for in games. Because then it’s all about “their” stories and not “mine”.

This was the problem I had, for example, with Planescape: Torment. As a game, I didn’t enjoy it all that much. The story of Nameless wasn’t my story. As a novel, however, it would have been first class (some people think it’s novel anyway ;).

Looking over Stew’s list, there isn’t one of those titles I’d want to play. The protagonists seem not so much heroes as “screwed over” pawns. Perhaps that makes for a good tale, but not anything I’d care to experience myself.

Yeah, there are some heroes whose shoes you wouldn’t want to step into. Be really heroic. Stay yourself.

Top 5 Heroes You Wouldn’t Want To Be