Well, didn’t get much done Friday as storms came in. Real storms not game storms ;) Did manage a little playing time, and got caught up in a few more side quests. Cleaned those up and finally went back to the main line Saturday.

It starts off with a pretty wild ride. The area beyond the Oblivion gate is no picnic. I met one survivor of the guard party, and sent him home. He was not in good shape and wouldn’t have lasted long. Especially as I’m somewhat higher in level now and the critters have changed to tougher ones.

Then it was a long and winding (very winding) road to the tower, and the tower top, where I had to grab a magic stone. This closed the portal, and fortunately kicked me back out. Whew!

Of course, that was just the beginning. Now what was left of the town guard, and yours truly, had to go into the ruined town of Kvatch and save the few civilians who were holed up in a chapel. Not many survived the fighting and it wasn’t all that far to go.

The civvies were safe inside and were escorted out by others. We went on to the castle, and after various excitements, and some help from the Imperial guard (3 showed up to help; one survived), we find that the local ruler is dead. Ho hum.

Now I have to get the heir to throne to a safe place. I digress a moment to say that the main point of the game is to have this heir declared emperor, and that he re-light the mystic Dragonfires which will close the Oblivion gates.

So he and I make tracks for what is supposed to be a safe place. Good thing you can do fast travel with NPCs. Of course, you already guessed it was under attack, although not by Daedra, just nasty human assassins. Fortunately, the head guy is still alive. UNfortunately, the assassins made off with the amulet. That’s the amulet needed to re-light the fires.

So we all go to the main stronghold of the Blades (you may recall them if you played Morrowind), which is, I hope, secure enough for the moment. I’m inducted into the Blades, and now I have to track down the Mythic Dawn (the bad guys) and retrieve the amulet.

Here I took a little time out to visit the spellmaker at Arcane U. The offensive magic I have is on the wimpy side, doing at best 20 points of damage. The opposition is becoming tougher, so something more potent would be good to have.

In my innocence, I decided to make up a shock spell that did 35 points for 2 seconds. This seemed reasonable to me. The game didn’t think so. To make that spell, my Destruction magic skill had to be 75. I’m not even close to that yet. It’s going to be awhile before I make any spells of my own. Any decent ones, that is.

Also, I can see where Oblivion will be tough for the pure mage types in mixed combat. The fights during the rescue of the civilians were chaotic. It was impossible to target enemies from a distance because everyone was moving around, or soldiers were in the way, and all combatants were moving fast. I gave up on trying magic and just went with my sword.

So I find the Mythic Dawn HQ – no easy task – only the big shot escaped with the Amulet. And it looks like I’m in for a few rounds of “pick up sticks”, as several items are necessary for getting to Mr. Big (who may or may not be Foozle; that isn’t clear yet). In the meantime, there are ominous omens of a big attack coming soon.

A hero’s work is never done. Stay with us, sports fans.