My modem problem yesterday set me back a little, but I finished the game earlier this evening. It was something of a chore.

Of course, I expected that. After all, this was the finale, not just of GF5, but the series itself. Naturally, there has to be a big finish, and the fighting was intense.

Since I had joined Astoria’s moderate faction, Morgana and company were summoned to a grand Shaper council to decide on what course to follow. Someone – I never found out who – arranged for an assassination attempt along the way. It didn’t succeed ;)

Astoria got her way, and a big assault was launched on the citadel of the Drakons, extremist leaders of the rebellion. “Compromise” wasn’t in their vocabulary.

Fighting began just outside the place. Not too tough for starters. It continued inside, as we pushed our way through, with help from Loyalist forces, to the big showdown with Ghaldring, the leader.

That one took quite awhile. With Morgana and her bunch of critters, the loyalists with theirs, and the Drakons making creations of their own, combat did not go swiftly.

Eventually, we whittled down the enemy until just about only Ghaldring was left. He preferred seppuku to falling to the Shapers. Amazingly, the only Loyalist casualties were some creations, as far as I could tell. Plenty of damage taken, though.

After that, the long ending came rolling along. Peace was finally assured, the war between Shapers and rebels ended forever. Morgana eventually ended up living happily ever after. Well, almost happily.

Remember she started out as a total amnesiac? Sorry to say, her past remained a mystery. She never learned who she was before. I have my own surmises on that one, though.

Anyway, the review should be up sometime later this week.