Jeff Vogel has put up the second half of “How Much I Make With Games”. I was not surprised to learn that $28 is a good price point for him.

In fact, the two games where he went from $25 to $28 sold more than the previous ones. At least in Jeff’s case, it proves what I said in my previous post, that for most people, low prices = low quality. He also clears up some misconceptions about his revenues.

What did surprise me a little was the number of Mac games sold. Originally, he sold more on the PC, but now the Mac has drawn even to about 50/50. Obviously, there’s an audience out there in Mac land for RPGs.

Single-player RPGs, for both platforms. Jeff is right, that’s an underserved market. Most RPGs, when they do show up, often have some sort of multiplayer component.

But both Spiderweb and Bethesda have shown that single-player games can be successful. Maybe now that Jeff’s come out with his stats, more indies will start developing in this area.

I was amused by his comments on the graphics. As everyone here knows, they’re very much secondary (or even tertiary) in my consideration of a game. Shucks, I wasn’t pained even by the old Exile graphics.

And he’s right: if he did work hard to improve them, players would still think they were bad. My feeling is, spend the money for eye candy if that’s what you want. Those who want better games will spend less and receive a better product.

That doesn’t mean he’s ignoring the visuals. They do improve slowly over time. That’s fine with me. I like having games that can run on the system I have now.

So anyway, check out his post. It’s a good read.

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