So it’s done. The world has been saved once more. Not that it was easy. No, it wasn’t easy at all there in the final minutes. Frustrating, too.

Getting that great sigil stone was agony. After popping through the gate, I had all of fiteen minutes real time to find my way to the tower. It was surrounded by a network of others, and made for much confusion.

There was opposition, too, of course, but little time for fighting. I had an invisibility spell that got a lot of use. I don’t know why, at this point in the game, the developers went for a time-limited quest.

Fifteen minutes is not much when you have to make your way through those outer towers, and not even sure if you’re going the right way. I had a save just inside the gate and restored it several times. Finally I just gave up and cheated. Turned on no clipping and went straight through to the main tower.

I wouldn’t have needed that if there had been no timit limit. But after five or six tries with time running out, I lost patience.

So with the stone in hand I get back to Martin. Now he opens the gate to where I can finally go after the guy with the amulet. This part wasn’t too bad, although the fight with Foozle and his friends was hard.

So now we’re ready at last for the big bonfire. Only the bonfire is in the Imperial City. No sooner are we there than gates galore open and the place is overrun with daedra of various kinds.

Getting Martin to the temple was almost as bad as the great sigil gate. We had some Imperial troops to help us, but Martin, the dingbat, would have to go running off to fight whatever showed up. Moron. We’re supposed to be heading to the temple.

The first time, in fact, he ended up dead. The game just went to the load screen, there was no “epilogue of the world in ruins”. At that point I quit and let it rest for awhile.

Oddly enough, the next time, I was able to get him to the temple without so much trouble. One reason is that fewer daedra were around. Much fewer. Perhaps this part is random. Or it could be that more daedra were around the first time because I’d been playing awhile, where the second time was short.

Whatever, I finally escorted (ran like hell, actually) Martin into the temple. After that, the rest is automatic. Huzzah.

The game didn’t end there. After the fireworks, I was named Champion of Cyrodiil, and awarded a suit of Dragon Armor. Don’t know yet what it is, since it takes two weeks to construct. So if I wanted to, I could spend time doing little errands. Not much point, though, since the game is over.

You’ve probably noticed that I went through this quickly. That’s because I skipped a lot of the side stuff. Didn’t do anything for the Mages Guild except enough to enter Arcane University. Did only one job for the Fighters, and never even saw the Thieves Guild. Plus other side quests for various people unrelated to the guilds.

So, will I play this again? Sure, look at all I bypassed. However, the second time around, I will be avoiding the main line and doing everything else. I had enough in that last half hour and don’t want to experience it again.

Look for the review in a couple of days. And that’s a wrap, sports fans.miniscorp