Stardock has just announced their new method for protecting games while not hassling buyers: Game Object Obfuscation. Let’s hope no one confuses it with that other Goo ;)

According to the press release, GOO associates the game with the purchaser, rather than a hardware configuration. A smart move right there. Further, once validated, the game can be installed on multiple computers without needing any more activations.

I’m not sure how that would work. Perhaps during validation, something is written to the original executable. In that case, not being tied to a specific system, it could be copied to another machine and installed there, too.

On the one hand, this certainly seems a big step forward in the DRM war. It gets around limited installs, constant activations, and protects the buyer should a particular company go under. All features that any gamer would welcome.

On the other hand, an online validation is still necessary. Also, this looks to be something that would only apply – at least right now – to digital distribution.

Will this stop piracy? I have my doubts. Whatever someone comes up with, someone else usually finds a way around it. Still, the system is much more pro-gamer than anything else that has come along. The release date is April 7th. Check out the PR and see what you think.

Stardock Throws GOO on DRM