I hope not. I sincerely hope not. GDC (Game Developers Conference) 2009 was held last week, and for the most part, I pretty much ignored it. You know: lotta hot air, lotta grandiose statements, lotta pats on the back. And then, there was this.

One session concerned rants from independent designers. They had a few minutes each to talk on whatever was bothering them. Ordinarily, I put my links at the bottom of the post, but for this one, read it now:

GDC 09: The Indie Game Maker Rant at Destructoid

I hope you survived the read. Aside from politicians, I haven’t seen such a load of unmitigated, pretentious crap. With any luck, these people will get therapeutic help and find useful jobs outside the games industry.

If the conference had been this week, I’d have considered this an April Fool’s joke of some kind. Unfortunately, it appears they’re serious.

On the bright side, it’s unlikely there was any mainstream media coverage of this particular “talk”. So we may not have to worry about it being spread to the “mass market”. I can just imagine the headlines over Heather’s ideas, and I’d rather not.

Perhaps some time in the future, like next year, they’ll invite a few designers who could have worthwhile things to say. You know, Jeff Vogel, who’s been at this 15 years, and successful. Or a couple of guys from CD Projekt. Or Stardock. People like them (or them, themselves).

Then again, these folks are successful. So maybe what they do isn’t art. And hey, isn’t that what indie is all about? Never, please. Never.