For some reason, it’s been a very busy day for news. Can’t imagine what would cause this mid-week surge. Knowing how busy everyone is these days, though, I’ve waded through the newbits and chosen just a few.

Have you been holding off on Vista? Then get ready for May, when Vista Comes To Steam. There’s even a special premium pack that includes MS-DOS! (ah, if only!)

Startling news for the file-sharing world: Warner Bros. Acquires The Pirate Bay. Have they found some way of monetizing the torrents? Or has the Bay sold out to The Man?

Hey Spore fans, get ready for the retro experience with Dungeons of Spore! Real role-playing at its best.

Maybe you’re bored with all those sports/fitness games on your Wii? Gamestop has just the thing: Wii Buddy. Learn ventriloquism at home the easy way and amaze your friends!

Cryptic is going after a new, younger market these days. They’re moving Star Trek Online in a new direction with Star Trek Babies. Just the thing for your kids.

And finally, CD Projekt RED announces Mysterious Secrets, coming eventually for hand-helds of all kinds. It even has multiplayer ability, and other features that will knock your socks off (if you wear socks).