The other day (namely, yesterday), I caught notice that Legends Of Zork has gone live. You may recall I had doubts about this back in This Is The End. Seems like my doubts were justified.

Yes, it’s online and yes, it has the Zork name. Other than that, well, this looks VERY much like some adventure/RPG hybrid. I know, Beyond Zork was something of a hybrid, too. But that was from Infocom, and not really too much RPG was in it.

LOZ, on the other hand, appears to be more RPG. You can see this just from perusing the site. Rankings, for example. With columns for fame, x.p., zorkmids, fanucci cards gathered, encounter ratio, and even pvp ratio. Zork was never like this.

Examining the profile for one of the players, I saw listings for primary & secondary weapons, primary & secondary defense, as well as various stances. Shucks, there were even entries for arena wins and losses.

As an old-time fan of the Zork series, this has no appeal for me. No doubt they have references in there from the old games. Maybe they even have puzzles.

But to me, Zork will always mean adventure, pure and simple. And that being so, I am going to try very hard to not think about this one. Very hard. For those who want to see for themselves, click below.

Legends Of Zork