Goodies included with review copies of games has been standard for a long time. In “them there days”, I picked up a few T-shirts that way, along with dragon egg soap, crazy shades, and a few other things. No one, however, asked for any of those to be sent back. Things have changed since those times.

In a move whose brilliance cannot be measured, EA sent out review kits of Godfather II that included brass knuckles. Real ones. The kind that’s illegal in many states.

EA is not commenting on this. They are just sending out pre-paid mailers so every person who received the weapon can return it as soon as possible. So the item can be “properly disposed of”.

The question is: will the Don chastise the clueless marketing flack who dreamed this up? I hope so. There has to be some payback for idiocy.

EA Wants Its Brass Knuckles Back on gamepolitics