Jeff Vogel surfaces again from the Bottom Feeder. This time, he’s posted part 1 of “Why Games Should Cost More”.

That’s indie games, of course, and not necessarily all of them. He makes a distinction between “quickie plays” and games that require a lot of work. You know, the difference between the latest Bejweled clone and a single-player RPG.

He also rants on the “games should be cheap” mindset, which he thinks is being promoted by inexpensive downloads over the Xbox network, Amazon, and various game portals.

He probably has a point there. Such cheap products encourage people to expect any indie game, regardless of quality and playtime, to cost much less than an “A” title.

And even when they are inexpensive, there are still complaints. Personally, I wouldn’t be surprised if many of those who scream about the price of an indie product are getting them off the torrents anyway.

Like Jeff, I believe that indie designers should be adequately recompensed for their hard work. Selling good games for very low prices is not the way to do that.

Check out his post and see what you think. And this is only part 1. The next part should also be interesting.

Indie Games Should Cost More, Pt. 1