Last year, in Hard Times, I wrote about some of the difficulties of “golden era” CRPGs. You know: restricted saves, unbalanced combat, and other fun stuff. Now you have a chance to relive all that in a modern game.

I don’t know why I read the review, because Dark Spire is for the Nintendo DS. Maybe it was a feeling of nostalgia. Because this is certainly very retro.

You’re after an evil wizard who stole something. Hmmmm. Sounds strangely familiar. Big difference, though: instead of hacking your way down through a dungeon, you hack your way up a spire. Hence the title.

In keeping with the “oldies” theme, you have a party of four (you even roll stats for them. How about that?). A bit short, as most games from back then had six. However, six might be too much for something like the DS.

No matter, because Dark Spire also brings back – are you ready? – turn-based combat. Gosh, you hardly see that outside of Spiderweb games these days.

What the review most brings out, however, is that, just like before, you die a lot. And you can’t save just anywhere. And you have to go back to town to train up.

Yeah, that sure brings back memories of Wizardry, doesn’t it? Speaking of which, for a real nostalgia trip, you can even set the game for wire frame graphics!

If you have a DS, and a yen for reliving masochistic moments of the past, check out the review. It doesn’t give all the nitty-gritty details, though. So you may want to wait awhile and read later ones before deciding to get the game.

Dark Spire review at Destructoid