Over at gamesradar, they have an article up on villains who don’t stay dead. However they’re killed at the end, somehow they manage to be resurrected for the next installment.

The champ seems to be Dracula, who has appeared in too many Castlevania games to count (at least I didn’t take to the time to do it ;). I guess vampires are almost as popular as zombies.

It’s a wonder to me that fans of a series don’t become tired of killing off the same old Foozle from game to game. It’s also a wonder that these same Foozles keep coming back for more.

Now, in one respect, it’s true that we are taking down the same old Foozle. Is there really a difference between, say, The Evil Necromancer in game 1 and The Evil Demon (is there any other kind?) in game 2 of a series?

Not really. Whatever the guise, Foozle is the troublemaker who must be stopped at the end. However, I’d certainly feel exasperated if the very same one kept coming back from the dead.

It’s one thing if Fooz manages to escape at the end, comes back in a sequel, and is finally put away for good. It’s another when he (she, it, or them, as the case may be) is obliterated, but magically reappears in the next game, whole and even more powerful than before. Over and over again.

A popular villain, the kind “you love to hate”, can certainly spice up a game. But when it goes on seemingly forever, surely a certain dreariness has to set in. At least for some of us.

Check out the article, and see what you think

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