Last year, to stave off in-game boredom, Blizzard added Popcap’s Bejweled to World of Warcraft. It seems that wasn’t enough. Now, they’ve put in Peggle.

The game is a free add-on, and it isn’t just the usual Peggle. Special features were included specifically for WOW. No doubt, that will make it more interesting while everyone sits around waiting for a raid party to form up.

I’m wondering if this is a sign that WOW is becoming stale for the top-level players. Yeah, they’re still doing raids, but it can’t be a good thing if Blizzard keeps sticking in outside products to keep players amused. Sad that WOW itself just isn’t enough, and they now have two in-game time-wasters to keep players in there..

Then again, it’s probably cheaper and easier than trying to revise the way raids are done. After all, they want to keep those 11 million+ users shelling out every month. I wonder what’s next?

Peggle For WOW on wowinsider