Over at cripsygamer, they have a short piece about the return of Sierra’s old (really old) adventure games. As quasi-MP adventure games.

An outfit called Sarien dreamed this up. So far, they have Leisure Suit Larry 1, Police Quest 1, and Space Quest 1 available for play online. Like I said, really old.

The MP comes in because you’re not alone. Other players are right in the game with you, and everyone can see what everyone else is doing or saying. That obviously makes for a crowded environment.

So far, there’s no way to save your progress. If you die, game over man. Time to start again. Even when knowing what to do, it takes several hours to get through these adventures. So I wonder how long this will remain fun.

Because, as we know, you can die in adventure games, especially Sierra’s. Ryan Kuo, who wrote the article, found that out pretty quickly. He ended up as a blasted body in Space Quest and roadkill in Leisure Larry.

This whole thing seems bizarre to me. I don’t know how they work it so you can have multiple players in the same place solving the same puzzles. Some form of instancing, perhaps.

However it’s done, I can’t see the appeal over time. This isn’t like WOW or some other MMOG where you run around bashing monsters. Adventures require careful thought, particularly when there’s no reload button. Even if Sarien manages to get saves in there, that doesn’t change things very much.

Then again, players do have the knowledge that there is definite conclusion to the game, something you don’t get in most online products. And I suppose some will do it more for the socializing.

Still, just the idea of being in the same “room” ten other Larry Laffers (one was quite enough!) makes me shudder. What do you think? Is this a good way to bring back those “moldy oldies”, or is it only a “cute idea” that will disappear into the bit bucket?

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