More details have emerged since yesterday’s news about White Wolf being cancelled, and it ain’t pretty.

First, it turns out the console port was outsourced to French company Widescreen Games. In remarks to, Widescreen claimed that CD Projekt was behind in payments, among other things.

Now Michal Kicinski, Joint CEO of CD Projekt Group, has posted on the official site that Widescreen was falling behind the production schedule. He also said that CD Projekt had been making payments according to milestones reached. Apparently, Widescreen hadn’t been reaching many lately.

So what does all this mean? So far, not much. The console port and one other project are still on hold (or maybe really cancelled; this is murky right now). Only Witcher 2 is going ahead.

CD Projekt and Widescreen may come to terms, although this doesn’t seem too likely at the moment. Especially now that dirty laundry is being washed in public.

I wouldn’t be surprised if there is more going on under the surface. It’s odd that CD Projekt only posted on their site. They didn’t care to make a statement to gameindustry about the matter.

On the other hand, Widescreen issued a (rather bland) press release, but was more forthcoming with gameindustry about the problems, as they viewed it.

Public bickering between companies is never pleasant to watch. Usually, neither side comes out looking good. This is even more unfortunate, considering all the good will CD Projekt has built up. We can only hope that matters will be resolved quickly, before the situation turns nasty.

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