Game industry people are always making statements. Sometimes, those remarks come back to bite them. 1up has a feature called “Talking Heads”, in which they review embarrassing quotes of the decade.

For instance, in the “We’re All Loners” category, is this gem:

“Customers do not want online games.”

— Satoru Iwata, badly missing the mark, Japan Economic Foundation, 07/07/2004

Then again, he could be right, or partially right. Think of the MMOGs that have folded recently, or even not so recently. Like this one:

“The reviews on [Shadowrun can] suck my ass. The most important thing is the value of what you’re getting; I think there is value there at the $60 price point. If you play just about any first-person, next generation shooter that’s come out recently, you’re looking at the single-player game being about 10 hours. I’ve been playing Shadowrun for three years. You can see this game truly has legs. So, 10 hours of gameplay for 60 bucks, plus some probably lame multiplayer they tacked on, versus Shadowrun that you can play, let’s say, for years.

– Mitch Gitelman, general manager of FASA Studios, 07/25/2007

Yet there are times when someone will ‘fess up that maybe his statements about a game were more grandiose than could be implemented:

“I did an awful job of promoting the game. I would talk to journalists about the things I wanted to do, the stuff that was exciting me in design terms, and I ended up disappointing them.”

– Peter Molyneux, talking about Fable, or any of his games, really, Wired, 05/16/2008

Plenty more where those came from, although a good portion relates to the console world, one way or another. Take a look. And maybe you can recall a few other ones.

Talking Heads at 1up