Over on the official forums, Bioware has just announced that the retail PC version of Dragon Age will require only a disk check (disk in the drive). No online authentication necessary. Also, no SecuRom on any version of DA released.

Keeping in mind that the publisher of Dragon Age is Electronic Arts, I consider this good news (even tho I can’t play the game myself). Do you think they’re finally getting the message? Or did Bioware really put their foot down on this one?

The post also mentions plans for both a toolset (now in beta) and DLC in the future. The DLC may be another reason for the relatively mild copy protection on the game.

Knowing that the game will be up on the torrents right after release (along with the usual no-CD cracks), we can only hope that (a) the game is a good one and (b) it will generate big sales on the PC.

Dragon Age DRM at official forums