Two items here, and I decided to combine them in one post, although they aren’t related to each other. First, as Presto noted, we have “Lord British Sues”.

His departure from NCsoft wasn’t “voluntary”. According to the suit filed yesterday, he was fired. The main point of contention is the stock option agreement made when NCsoft acquired Destination Games in 2001.

There was a difference in the option period depending on whether Richard was dismissed or left voluntarily. If fired, he had until June 2011 to exercise his options. But if he resigned, he had only 90 days.

The suit alleges that the firing was “re-characterized as voluntary”, forcing Lord B. to exercise his options early, and thereby causing him to lose a lot of money.

NCsoft, as expected, is saying “no comment” at the moment. It will be interesting to see what they do say when they respond to the suit.

Richard Garriott Says He Was ‘Forced Out’ Of NCsoft

Garriot’s complaint (pdf file)

Our second item deals with a MMOG, Darkfall Online. It was the subject of a vitriolic review by Ed Zitron on Eurogamer, receiving a terrible score of 2/10.

Aventurine protested the piece strongly, claiming their logs showed Zitron played DF for a little more than two hours. Zitron, in turn, disputes that, saying he played for much longer.

So who’s right? Not easy to say. However, wading through various posts on the DF forums, it is clear that there are a number of inaccuracies in the review. That does not reflect well on the credibility of the piece.

No one is perfect, and I’ve made a gaffe or two in my time. However, certainly nowhere as many as have been pointed out on the boards. If nothing else, it appears the reviewer wasn’t paying much attention to anything in the game.

For awhile, there was a standoff between Aventurine, who wanted the review pulled, and Eurogamer, who are keeping it up. Now, though, Eurogamer will have a second person take a look at the game, and do up another review.

Y’know, reviewing a MMOG has to be tough. Because they’re endless, just a few hours in the game isn’t really sufficient to obtain a good picture. If I were doing a MMOG review, I’d certainly want to put in as much time as I would for a single-player game.

In any case, the question is whether the second reviewer (Kieron Gillen) will be able to make a fair assessment, given the current outburst. Personally, I wouldn’t want to be in his place right now.

Aventuring Protests Eurogamer Review

Eurogamer Assigns Second Reviewer For Darkfall