Now that I’ve been going through the guild quests and other jobs, something strange has turned up in the game. Whenever the cursor crosses something that belongs to someone else, it turns red. If you take the item, it’s stealing.

Since I’m playing honest, I’ve been careful not to take anything “in the red”. Yet the game thinks I’ve grabbed a total of 39 items from others. Even worse, one time I talked to a guard who called me a thief. That was unsettling.

I paid a small fine and that took care of the matter. The guards were supposed to take any stolen items from me, but on checking my inventory, nothing seemed to be missing. So I don’t know what’s going on here.

At first, I thought it might be books. You can read other people’s volumes without taking them. However, I checked before and after reading someone’s library, and nothing changed in the stolen items count.

This really has me puzzled. If anyone out there who’s played the game has an idea about this, I love to hear from you.