Matters seem to have gone from bad to worse in the Aventurine vs. Eurogamer affair, which I mentioned the other day in More Dirt Flies. In a lengthy post on the boards, Aventurine gives details and explains why they aren’t in favor of a “re-review” of Darkfall.

In a nutshell, since Eurogamer won’t pull the review, Aventurine believes the damage has already been done. The 2/10 rating has been picked up by Metacritic, and any new score won’t make a difference, since the re-review will take time. Thus:

We don’t need a re-review, we need a real review. We know for a fact that the original review is a fraud and yet Eurogamer stands by it. They should keep standing by it then or take it down based on the evidence.

Regarding that evidence, Aventurine as before is basing their stand on a combination of server logs and the flaws/mistakes in the review. They provided Eurogamer with two accounts, and going by the logs, neither Ed Zitron nor the MMO editor for Eurogamer spent much time in the game:

The reviewer’s supervisor and MMO Editor for Eurogamer spent 2 minutes in the character creator but didn’t create a character. Ed Zitron spent 2 hours 33 minutes logged in the game and the character creator. In this time the reviewer tried 9 different characters. Much of the time was spent creating and deleting these characters. 14 minutes before the reviewer stopped playing Darkfall altogether he said in global chat: “how do I cast spells…”.

There is much more, and you may want to haul out the old asbestos monitor to read the piece. Aventurine is not happy, and I don’t blame them for feeling that way.

Aventurine replies to Eurogamer