Not the real one, of course. The in-game, Ultima Lord British. Crispygamer has posted the second half of their interview with Richard Garriott, and part of it deals with bloodthirsty players.

More than bloodthirsty; absolutely determined to find a means of taking out Lord B., whom Richard kept trying to make invulnerable. You must read the interview to see just how canny some players were. Whatever he came up with, someone found a way around it.

It has always fascinated me that there were those who wanted to kill Lord British. After all, he was helpful in those early games: healing your injuries, resurrecting you if you died, providing information.

So why would anyone want to murder him? All I can think of is that it was seen as a challenge. A stray thought forms: “I wonder if he’s immortal?” From there, it’s only a step to finding out.

Frontal assualt doesn’t work. “Ah, they’re making it difficult for me. Good! I’ll find a way!” And sooner or later, someone would come up with a way to bring him down.

I never tried it myself, because I don’t think along those lines. Hey, this is someone helpful; why try to kill him, even in fun? This would never cross my mind.

There were also players who would kill everyone in a town, just to see if anything resulted. Usually, nothing did. As Richard points out, designers would have to take into consideration all possible player actions, and can you really do that? Especially if you’re not thinking like they do?

Look how he couldn’t even keep his in-game avatar alive. Of course, you could probably turn the entire world hostile. That just gives the player even more people to kill, and some would probably like that. Now, they have a real excuse for homicidal mania!

Yeah, players with world-wrecking urges have always been with us. Sometimes, it may be latent bloodlust coming to the fore. Sometimes, it may only be curiosity, and a desire to see how far the rules can be bent. Either way, I find that a bit unsettling.

Richard Garriott Interview, Part 2