Over at rpgcodex, they have an interview with Pierre Begue of indie company Heroic Fantasy Games. As you might guess, he’s working on an RPG, called Knights of the Chalice.

This is definitely old-school. Combat is turn-based, which is always a plus in my book. Another good point is player-created parties. None of that “pick up a bunch of strangers” jazz. Further, this is heroic fantasy, so no option to “play evil”.

On the other hand, he’s using Wizards Of The Coast’s Open Gaming License for D&D 3.5. Mmm, ouch. I wasn’t too thrilled with 3.5. Then again, it certainly helps development if you don’t have to go through the agonies of creating your own system.

Also, it seems that he’s going in heavily for tactical combat, rather than “fast and furious bombardment”. You’ll have to read the interview for an example. That has me a little nervous. Tactical is all right, so long as there isn’t too much fighting. After awhile, that could become a drag.

The company is tiny: Pierre (in the UK) is the designer and programmer. He has two people doing graphics, one in the US and one in Serbia. And there’s the musician in Serbia. So HFG is hardly larger than Spiderweb. But it’s certainly international.

Knights is definitely aimed at the low-end system (so long as it has Windows XP). I visited the site, and according to the FAQ, resolution is going to be, incredibly, 320×240. How that’s gonna work out on a modern widescreen monitor, I don’t know. And can modern graphics cards handle something that low?

Anyway, take a moment to read the interview, and visit the website. The game seems to be nearing completion and may be out later this year.

Pierre Begue interview at rpgcodex

Heroic Fantasy Games website