Movies based on games are old news. So how about something completely different? How about…a play based on adventure games of the good old days?

Yes indeed, a group called Sneaky Snake Productions will be presenting four performances of Adventure Quest this June and July, at the Brick Theater in Brooklyn.

The play is not based on any particular adventure of the past. Rather, games like the King’s Quest series and Grim Fandango were used as inspiration.

In keeping with “them there days”, the costumes and scenes will be done with the 16 color traditional EGA palette. And, so they say, music that will immediately bring “Soundblaster card!” to mind.

Naturally, there is a Hero, a sinister cult, and a town to save. Also, inventory items to gather, puzzles to solve, and all the usual stuff that goes on in your traditional adventure. Probably a lot more, too. I wonder if there’s a Restore button, just in case.

There’s an interview with some of the SSP folks at, and a listing over at the Brick Theater site. AQ is part of the Brick’s “Antidepressant Festival”, so scroll down a little for details. And yeah, do play the online game.

Adventure Quest interview

AQ Listing at the Brick Theater site