Over at crispygamer, Troy S. Goodfellow decided to get political. Or at least, come up with 10 games he thinks “have lessons for people interested in foreign policy”. Presuming, of course, there are people interested in foreign policy.

His list is interesting, although I think item #4, Classic Sierra adventure games, is too much of a stretch. He includes this because those were parser-based, and illustrate trying to find the “right words in the right place”. Mmmm…no. Can’t agree they really relate to foreign policy or diplomacy.

Of the other games, I did play Pirates! (the original), which was fun for awhile, but eventually turned rather dull. Of course, I wasn’t looking at it as an analog for modern-day mercenary companies, but only as a game.

Anyway, take a look at the list. See if you agree with his take on the games. Aside from the above, I can’t really comment, as these aren’t quite my cup of tea.

War and Peace and Everything in Between