How big is big? How about 5,560 square miles of accessible in-game terrain big? Yeah, that’s big.

That’s also FUEL, a racing game coming next month from Codemasters/Asobo Studio for the Xbox and PS3, along with a PC version. It’s just been entered in the Guinness World Records Gamer’s Edition for “Largest playable area in a console game”.

According to the article, if you wanted to drive straight across from one end of the map to the other, it would take three hours. Shucks, with that much land, I’d have thought it would be more like five ;).

FUEL is described as an “open-world, sandbox” type of game, with a dynamic weather system. And, naturally, a multiplayer component, with room for up to sixteen competitors at once.

Y’know, I wonder how they managed that much space. Especially as the world is fully open, on-road or off. And the weather effects on top of it all. The PC version minimum is 3 gig CPU, or (recommended) 2.4 with a Core 2 duo. Also recommended is a video card with 512 vram. Unfortunately, SecuRom will be used for DRM.

So anyway, it’s big. Could it be too big? What do you think?

FUEL Officially set to Feature Biggest Game World Ever

FUEL description at Codemasters