Or rather, when release dates collide. We’re all too familiar with the typical “holiday rush”, where a number of overhyped “A” titles show up within a short time of each other.

It’s been going on for years, and not likely to stop anytime soon. For instance, both BioShock 2 and Dragon Age: Origins are slated for an October release. That’s October of this year ;)

You’d think companies would stagger the release a bit, because gamers do buy product the year around. But according to a report from research firm EEDAR, the Christmas season is the best time to bring out a game:

Regardless of how you slice the data, games that score 85 or above in quality sell 15 to 20 percent more in their lifetime if released in the holiday than in the off-season.

If that’s accurate, then we can expect the usual glut every year beginning in late fall to continue. Which brings to mind the question: how do you decide which game to buy?

Especially when there are several titles you’re anticipating, and you can’t get them all. At least not right away. Of course, I know a lot of you will wait for that first (second, third…) patch before buying anything.

Even so, are you annoyed when you have to choose from among multiple products? Ot does it no longer matter that much to you, and you wait for games to drop into the bargain bin?

Like it or not, holiday game glut is here to stay