Didn’t mention about death last post. Unlike Diablo 2, when you die, you’re resurrected at a magic fountain. There is some experience loss, though not enough to lose a level, and apparently no need to run back to your body to recover equipment.

Unfortunately, just like D2, there is only one, unnamed save position. I hate that. When you load, you’re at a rebirth fountain. Started up my game from last night, and sure enough, I was in town at the fountain.

My Hunter has a fantastic attack form called “ensnare”. She throws this net and it entangles an enemy. Something like a web spell in D&D. They can’t move for a short while, but can attack melee if you’re close enough, or with ranged weapons. However, the net also does damage, and I’ve been able to kill quite a few enemies with it alone. Of course, these are still low-level opponents. It remains to be seen how well it does later on.

Portals are in this game, too. You have to find one to make it active. Only came across two so far. However, I also have a portal stone, which is something like the Town Portal spell in Diablo. It takes you to any active portal you choose. The nice thing is, it’s reusable. Very handy for nipping back to town to sell stuff.

So having helped the village, I went off to find a Spartan army to beg for soldiers to reinforce the village. Before I could see the general, I had to kill a nasty centaur. He was nasty, all right. And, of course, not alone. That was a tricky situation, and I did a lot of backpedaling. Actually, I do a lot of that since I’m a distance fighter.

As it is, I had to kill him twice, because just like in D2, the “boss” monsters come back when you load a game. That was a great little surprise when I walked into him again. Argh!

Anyway, the general sent some soldiers to the village, and told me to consult the Oracle of Delphi on what’s causing all the satyrs and animals to become so aggressive. I’m on my way there now, going slowly and exploring carefully. My character is level 7, and I will have to decide soon what my second mastery will be.

I’m leaning towards one of the magic disciplines, since I intended to stay at a distance, and Warfare is all about melee combat. Just have to figure out which one will complement my current abilities best. Stay tuned, sports fans.

UPDATE: ARGH! ARGH! ARGH! I was still having that weird problem with the shadows, so went over to Nvidia’s site for new drivers.

The download is 40 megs!! Are they crazy? It’s gonna be awhile before the drivers are updated. Sniff. :(