If you followed my Game In Progress for Oblivion, you know I cheated during the closing of the big gate segment. The time limit just got on my nerves. But it kept nagging at me, and I finally went back to do it the right way. If you need directions, here they are.

With only fifteen minutes real-time and a long way to go, your best bet is to avoid as much combat as possible. If you have a decent invisibility spell, use that often. Run all the time, visible or not.

Okay, once inside the gate, head right to the first World Breaker Tower. Inside, take the Corpse Masher up. Then climb the ramp and go through the door at the top. This leads to a west bridge.

Cross that, enter the next tower, and walk around north to a door. Go through that, and across the bridge to another tower. In here, go down the ramp to a door west. This leads to a broken bridge. There are two possibilities here.

Jump across and continue north up the slope. Then turn. There is a short cross bridge here. Get on that and head through the west door. Go up the long ramp to the gate control. Pull that, then go back down and out the door you entered by.

The other way is to drop down (or miss the jump) and go into Smoke and Scorch tunnel. Drop down the hole here and follow the tunnel to the end. Go through into the guard tower, take the Corpse Masher up, then go up the long ramp to the gate control.

The War Gate will open as you approach. Continue on about halfway and turn north (check your map for the marker). Go through the door of World Breaker Tower and around to End Of Times. Climb the ramp to a room. Head south and go through the Citadel Hall Door. Go up this ramp and through the door.

Now up the ramp again until you reach the Sigillis Sanguine. The door is locked with an average lock. You can pick it, use a spell, or look for the GateKeeper who is around somewhere.

Once the door is open, this is just like any other tower. Up the black “steps”, then up the ramp to the stone. Grab that, of course. Once you’re back in Tamriel, move away from the gate as quickly as possible, as the siege engine will be there and collapse. Whew!