Well, having fought my way past hordes of satyrs and assorted other beasts, packs of undead, and strange water-critters (might be Deep Ones, for all I know), I finally made it to the city of Megara.

The toughest things I’ve fought so far are turtles. Big turtles that take a lot of damage. Fortunately, I invested a point earlier in a healing aura skill and that has helped a lot. Haven’t need to quaff healing potions too often, though I’ve been in some tight spots now and then.

The big thing about arriving in Megara was receiving a second inventory bag. It’s not as large as the main one, but all extra space is welcome. What I’d really like to get my hands on, though, is a more potent bow.

I also find it annoying that all bow speeds I’ve seen so far are “very slow”. They ought to be fast, at least for someone with Hunter mastery. Right now, I’d even settle for “average”.

Anyway, Megara has its problems, too. Undead, again (why did it have to be undead?). Three undead princes, each with a specialty: sword, magic, and bow. So of course I have to take them out. Lucky me.

Into the ruins I go, and the first one I come across is the one with the bow. No way am I trading shots with this thing. I just kept using Ensnare and running around, trying to avoid his shots. Finally he went down.

Next came the spellcaster. I suppose you could call him a Lich Prince. This one was quite nasty. He was at the end of a long hall that had a couple of fire towers. These things spit out bouncing balls of flame (or maybe lava) that then exploded. Painful. Very.

The only thing I could do was run up, avoiding the fireballs as best I could, get off an Ensare, and run back out of the room. I wasn’t going to stick around and shoot when this thing was also casting spells. After many back-and-forth expeditions, he was destroyed.

The warrior was the last, and also the easiest: the only one with no distance attack. I hit him with my net, then peppered him with arrows. Several times, because he had a lot of health.

Then there was the Cyclops guarding the bridge. BIG. Mean. Trouble with a capital-T. Several soldiers came to help. They didn’t last long. This critter had two special attacks. One was some kind of howl. Fortunately, since he didn’t move too fast, I kept out of range. The other came when, I think, he smacked his club on the ground and a trail of something appeared.

Luckily, it was a straight-line attack, so most of the time I could avoid it. Ensnare didn’t work on him; too big, I guess. So I just nipped in close enough to get off some shots, then backed off fast. Good thing he never followed me far from the bridge.

After much dodging, using of healing, and determination, I finally put him down. Double whew!

So now I’m in this village. Up ahead is the sacred grove and after that, I hope, the Oracle at Delphi. It’s getting tougher now, because I don’t have a lot of spell resistance, and the magic is becoming much more damaging.

I did have one bad moment. Just after entering the village, everything stopped. Sat there with that icy feeling in the pit of the stomach, wondering how much I was about to lose. Then the freeze ended, and everything was okay. Possibly, I had been playing too long. Will have to remember to come out now and then. More next time.