So, I finally made it to Delphi. This, of course, was no easy task. All Greece is overrun with monsters of various types. For instance, the sacred grove where I had to pick up a special item was not only infested with critters, but on fire as well.

But I fought my way through, got the branch, and continued on to the city. The Oracle was not ambiguous (as it was in reality), but naturally a little obscure. I gathered there were three big fights ahead to save the world.

First, I had to make it through the Parnassus caves. That was tough; I got killed here for the first time. Then came the war camps. Critters. Lots of them. Everywhere.

This required, as usual, a lot of careful maneuvering and much backpedaling. Tougher monster types, and spellcasters, of course. I still have little resistance, so these guys are dangerous.

Well, I made it through that to the next part of the camp (there’s an upper and lower). Here I met someone who told me about the three gorgons. Just what I needed, three Medusae. Unfortunately, this turned out to be part of the main line, so I couldn’t ignore them. Lucky me.

This was one vicious combat, and I died for the second time here (I’m pretty sure it was a petrify. Ick). The three of them are in a cave behind a door. Guess what? After you enter, the door shuts and locks. And the Medusae are there together. Reminded me of Duriel in Diablo 2, but at least there was more room to maneuver.

This was mainly a run like crazy, throw ensnare, run away, dodge attacks, etc. type of fight. Don’t know how melee types would get through this. Even for me, it was hard enough. And of course, they had friends farther along. Luckily, the friends were much easier to deal with, and didn’t turn up in the main room. This seems to have been the first of the “big three” fights. Has me a little worried about the next one.

Now it’s onward to Athens. Stay tuned, sports fans.