Before getting on with the story, I have to warn everyone about a serious bug that can happen in the game. From what I’ve read, it can occur in more than one place.

When I finished the Athenian catacombs, I exited by a different route that led to the docks. There I was supposed to take ship for Crete. Unfortunately, of the two people by the vessel, only one was active for talking. Both were supposed to be active.

After reloading several times, I checked the boards. This is a well-known bug. You’d think by now it would have been fixed. In any event, I had to delete several files relating to this quest, and then re-do it.

Fortunately, map data is held in a separate file, so going through again wasn’t quite as bad. It also seemed as though there weren’t quite as many monsters. And having read that teleporting out to sell stuff first might cause the problem, I just kept everything and went on to the ship.

This time, I could talk to both people and arrived on Knossos without trouble. If you are playing this game, when you get to the catacombs, I suggest you go straight through without teleporting back at any time to sell items. Wait until you arrive at Knossos. Merchants are available there for buying and selling. And now, we return to our thrilling saga.

Wouldn’t you know, on my way to Athens I had to pass through yet another monster encampment. Another big one. Who could believe that a small place like Greece could hold so many monsters?

I chugged around, fighting, of course, and found a small section of Athens that was walled off. As I tried to find the main area, I kept attracting the attention of enemies. Many, many of them. So many, I backtracked as fast as I could.

Unfortunately, I took a wrong turn and ran into an unexplored area of the camp, which added to the parade behind me. After a lot of fancy footwork, a few more wrong turns (I do not have a great sense of direction), and several close calls in dead ends, I made it back to the main road and just kept going.

On and on I ran, and I must have exhausted the pursuers, because finally there was just a lone, determined centaur on my tail. When I saw he was alone, I turned and let him have it. Whew! I love a parade, but that was a bit much, even for me. Pant, pant (hmm, nice pair of pants ;).
Proceeding with care, I went back up the road and finally found the way into Athens. Naturally, they had troubles, too. I’m hardly in the city when they send me down into the catacombs.

The catacombs were not fun, being five levels deep. Full of undead and more low-level Medusae, and a couple of specials just to keep things interesting. I could do with a little less interest.

Anyway, on the bottom level I find the next of the “big three”, and this one surprised me, because it was easy. Well, easy the way I did it.

The monster here was some sort of undead. It was behind a door. I remembered the door at the Mesduae, and did NOT step through! No doubt in my mind it would shut and lock like the last one. So I opened it and just stood there outside.

The critter just wandered around inside the room. I could see it had some sort of aura, probably cold from the color. Every time it showed itself, I plinked it with arrows. It didn’t seem to notice, really; it just kept moving along, and never came after me. Perhaps that’s because I was outside the room.

So this one was a matter of patience, with no danger at all. In time, I put him down, and it turned out, to my surprise, he didn’t have any friends in the room with him. I was sure there would be some (another reason I didn’t run in).

After that, I had a talk with someone who tells me the last, and biggest, of the three is in Crete. Guess where I’m going next? I wonder if I’ll come across the minotaur? What would Crete be without that? I just hope there’s no labyrinth. Hang in there, the end may be in sight.